About Us

Welcome! My name is Jane Dollimore, I am an animal lover and former police officer.

I have been very fortunate to have a large number of pets in my life.  Several years ago I had the privilege  of giving a home to a rescue cat, "Nappa". When it came time to go on holiday I couldn't bring myself to put her into a cattery, as I was concerned she may feel abandoned again.  After much searching I found an animal lover who could visit her daily, in my home, and provide the love and care she needed. 

Nappa's carer also sent me daily photos of her which gave me peace of mind.

It was through this experience that I educed the concept of Customised Pet Care.

Now I have a large number of beautiful dogs, cats and other domestic pets such as birds-chickens and rabbits to care for while their human parents are at work, or taking some time out on holiday.

It is wonderful to participate in the lives of these pets and share daily photographs of their adventures with pet parents