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Customised Pet Care

Customised Pet Care is a Professional Pet Care, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in  Christchurch, Waimakariri and Selwyn Districts.
We offer a range of services to cater for all of your pet care needs. Whether you need a holiday, work long hours or just need a break.
We look after dogs, cats, birds and most domestic animals. Whatever you need we can customise a pet care package to suit your furry, feathered and scaly family, ensuring each pet receives the care and attention that they need to stay healthy and happy.



We have made use of Jane's Customised Pet Care service over the last three Christmas's and also during the year on Public Holidays. We have complete confidence with the service, security and care that Jane provides caring for our feathery and fury family, (Ebby our Cocker Spaniel, Cameo our Cat and Porcha our Cockatiel). Having our whanau managed and cared for in our home has ensured less stress, rather than boarding them out in a Kennel environment. We have complete peace of mind knowing our our pets are cared for the same way we treat and love them. We  get daily text updates along with photos twice a day keeping us informed with the well being of our pet family. We highly recommend Customised Pet Care for at home care of your loved pets.

John & Carolyn Fielding



Jane Dollimore

Christchurch, New Zealand

+64 27 359 3305

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